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Registered charity number 1136539. Established 2009.
Welcome to
Helping Hands Dog Rescue!
Helping Hands Dog Rescue is a non profit organisation, funded by kind public donations and fundraising events. Its aim is to
save the lives of as many
dogs as possible.
abandoned and unwanted
Helping Hands actively goes into council pounds and saves the lives of dogs
time is up.
This gives them the extra time they may need in which to find their forever home. The dogs are then placed in foster homes or boarding kennels, where they receive all the love and attention they deserve until their new family comes along.
the number of unwanted dogs in
Due to an increase in
irresponsible over breeding
pounds is at an all time high. Helping Hands can only save as many lives as limited funds allow and sadly, some have to be turned away. To help me save more lives, please make a donation. Every amount is appreciated, no matter how small,
as every
single penny goes towards the care of the dogs.
Would you like to help save a life?
Please help raise funds for this rescue by using easy search to surf the net click on link

Please donate just £1 today using the PayPal button above. Your pound really could make all the difference to one stray dog. Thank you.
Ever wanted a dog but for whatever reason you cant , Then why not sponsor a dog for £2 per week, In return you will be able to walk the dog of your choice send them gift & treats ,You will also get your name on website telling the world you are helping your dog & that you are supporting Helping Hands dog rescue .Just ask for a standing order form to take to your bank easy peassy.Please email helpinghandsdogrescue@live.co.uk to request a form